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Meet The… Guy Who Made Our Sign


It’s amazing how beer brings people together. In fact, it was just the other night at the Taproom, that we struck up a conversation with Craig Larter, the guy responsible for the large DPBC sign up on the wall.

“I was actually commissioned by York to do this. Not a job that I’d do again because I nearly broke my machine engraving the copper.”

Craig’s story goes like this: After 10 years in the engineering industry using CAD CAM drawing software to program CNC milling machines, making various components primarily for the automation and aviation industry, he decided to go his own way and Kestrel was established in an old church building in June 2013.

dpbc sign

“I found the size of the working surface on these machines a bit small and always liked the idea of moving on to a CNC router. The working surface I now have is 2,5m x 1.25m with a vacuum bed which is ideal. I enjoy a blend of industrial and creative ideas.”

Working in materials that include aluminium, brass, wood, acrylic, engineering plastics, high density foam, tufnol, carbon fibre and more, Craig likes nothing more than ending his day with a cold beer.

When that beer is a DPBC, well, that’s even better…

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