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Mr Drink N Eat Video Review

#DPBC gets quite a bit of blog and social media love, but it’s not too often when a fan takes the time to make a video!

Mr Drink n Eat, also known as Nathan Nolan, is a Canadian educator, speaker, filmmaker, presenter and blogger who has the unique opportunity to travel the world and experience a myriad of culinary offerings.

“I hope to seek out experiences that enrich my relationship with what I eat and drink. I want to meet the wonderful people that grow, vinify, harvest, source, forage, rear, brew, distil, make, bake and cook them. Then weave their stories into my own tales that I hope will inspire others to discover & create their own adventures.”

You can imagine how thrilled we were to see Devil’s Peak beers pop up on his website and in a video review.

We’re glad you enjoyed the beers, Nathan. Please come back and see us soon!

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