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My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

After a long wait, Devil’s Peak is very proud to launch our newest creation – My Bloody Valentine!

My Bloody Valentine is a once off, berry-filled twist on our very popular Vin de Saison. Created with our Saison grain bill and 20% Chenin blanc, the base beer was fermented by the wild yeast that would have been present within the Chenin blanc juice. Post boil, we added 2% of this fresh juice to kick start the primary fermentation.

After what seemed like years to our excited brewers (and was, in actuality, around 7 months), we were ready to add the cherries – sixty kilos of cherries to be exact.

Shortly after, the yeast in barrel started consuming the newly added sugars present in the cherries. As time passed, My Bloody Valentine began to take on subtle flavours and a wonderful acidity courtesy of those same cherries – all the while gaining complexity from the yeast and other microorganisms. After four additional months, and many nights of listening to “Love Serenade” by Barry White, our barrel let us know it was time.

“This is one of the most exciting, and in my opinion, the best tasting specialty beers that we’ve made,” says JC, our head brewer.

“It has been one of the most anticipated among the brewing staff, and we’ve all enjoyed the sample tastings and seeing how the beer has changed over the last year. We really think people are going to enjoy this one.”

To celebrate this extremely limited, once-off batch of 300 litres, we are launching this sexy beast on Valentine’s Day!

To pair with your romantic (or vehemently anti-romantic) evening, The Taproom is preparing a delicious new dessert for you to enjoy with this cherry delight.

“New beer and dessert?!”

We know – we’re excited too. So come join us on Saturday, February 14th for this epic occasion!

With the popularity of our previous limited edition launches, we can’t guarantee how long stocks will last.  And please remember, as with all beers served at The Taproom, My Bloody Valentine is limited to consumption on premises. That means you’ll have to drink your fill and come back often.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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