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My First Time

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Opal Devine’s in Austin, Texas. That’s where it happened. I didn’t know when I pitched up to meet some friends for a bit of after work socialising I would be dramatically altering the course of my career path and ultimately my life.

“It’s a wheat beer.”

“A wheat beer?”

“A wheat beer.”

“Hmmm . . . kind of smells wheaty . . .”

“Well you’re smelling it. That’s a good start.”

I remember looking at this cloudy, straw yellow brew as the bubbles trickled up the glass . . . I wondered why it wasn’t clear.

“You can’t see through it.”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s supposed to be cloudy.”

It wasn’t just cool – it was astounding. I had no idea beer could taste like that. Having more or less sworn off beer as a waste of money at University (probably a determining factor in my graduation), I had stuck to the occasional whiskey and the odd margarita. But there was so much depth here . . . so many interesting things going on . . . it wasn’t just a drink.

Thus started my tumble into homebrewing, beer snobbery, heavy drinking research, and ultimately a job at a microbrewery who was just finding their feet producing some of the best American style ales South Africa has to offer.

– Mitch Lockhart

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