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Red Wine IPA

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What’s the point of having an entire brewery at your disposal and not experimenting, eh?

That’s why we knocked up this barrel-aged red wine IPA.

Red Wine IPA
10% Shiraz and Cinsault red wine blend from Swartland origin
90% Kings Blockhouse
Added Saison yeast to ferment to full dryness.
In barrel for 1 month, then dry hopped with Amarillo, Columbus, Nelson Sauvin (very rare New Zealand Hops). 2nd day dry hop was for 7 days.
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 50

Light pink in colour as a result of the red wine.
A decidedly bitter IPA with a dry finish. Seemingly more bitter than Kings Block House due to the Saison yeast that consumes more sugar, making it drier and at the same time making the perceived bitterness higher. Great fruity aromas (grapefruit, passionfruit, gooseberries) on the nose coming from the second dry hop in barrel. Nelson Sauvin is a hop variety from Nelson in New Zealand. The Sauvin originates from the name Sauvignon blanc due to its likeness with this grape variety.

Available at The Taproom for a limited time only.

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