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Remo’s Libertà: Nelson Mandela Square

Remo’s Libertà

The Place:

The Remo’s Libertà (freedom) has opened at Nelson Mandela Square.

Launched in memory of our former President, this is an authentic grand cafe with a twist of a New York and Manhattan styled decor. Patrons are greeted by a unique blend of subway tiles, exposed brick walls, mosaic flooring and photos of days gone by. The seating is exceptionally comfortable and will leave you feeling right at home. How many places do you know that still have a cloak room? Little touches make all the difference, and this is the perfect setting for the Italian-inspired menu!

The Pairing:

#DPBC Lager:
The Devil’s Peak Lager, a South African creature of habit, is a clean, crisp and well-balanced beer. This refreshing style pairs deliciously with the Remo’s Sliders. Three mini burgers which have been singularly topped with a Fontina cheese, a homemade bacon jam and an onion and chourico topping. For lunch, you’ve got to go with the Piadinas – grilled Italian flatbread sandwiches with four perfectly combined toppings to choose from.

#DPBC Pale Ale:
The hop forward Pale Ale with low alcohol is perfect for long sessions and a complementary pairing, would be the Remo’s Arancini, which are Arborio rice balls filled with Artichokes and mozzarella, paired with homemade garlic Aioli. On the contrasting end, pair the Pale Ale with the Balls Of Fire Pizza with homemade meatballs, marinated peppers & chilli, to accentuate the spicy ingredients. The Pale Ale’s elevated carbonation levels will also refresh and cleanse the palate. Absolutely ideal after this meal.

The Details:

Address: Nelson Mandela Square, Maude Street, Sandton
Trading Times: Mon-Sat : 7am – 11pm, Sunday : 7am – 5pm
Telephone: 011 883 0664
Facebook: Remo’s
Twitter: @remosfratelli
Instagram: @remo_fratelli

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