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How do I know I’ve been given good head?

Get good beer head

Dear Dave,
I got into a bit of a scrap with a bartender the other day. To make a long story short, I called bullshit on him for short-pouring me and things escalated pretty damn fast. He reckoned that this was how you pour a beer. I said that I was the customer and wanted mine poured to the top. It’s not like I can go back there in a hurry, but just to settle the score, I am right, right?

Hey man,

Best you go back and apologise immediately. One of my pet peeves is filling the glass to the brim without letting the head grow naturally. I know that some bar folks think that they are maximizing your beer value by filling it high, but the head is my favorite part of the beer. They should at least allow an inch or two for the head to blossom. I actually don't even agree with the maximizing value mindset either, you're not getting the full "value" of the beer if they fill it to top. Everyone loves a good head. And now that you're no longer welcome at your local why don't you order in? The clincher is that you can pour these beers however you damn well please.


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