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Silvertree Saison

Originating in Wallonia, the French speaking area of Belgium, this summer seasonal came to South African shores for the first time through our crisp and refreshing Silvertree. Bottle conditioned for exceptional smoothness, our Saison is a farmhouse ale brewed in the traditional style. It also forms the base for many of barrel aged, specialty beers.

Silvertree was named after the beautiful and endangered Silvertrees (Leucadendron argenteum) which still grow wild on the slopes of Devil’s Peak.

Aroma: Fruitiness with a moderate hop aroma and moderate spice aroma.  Fruity esters dominate the aroma and are reminiscent of citrus fruits. A medium spicy hop aroma is present.

Appearance: A distinctive pale orange colour. Long-lasting, dense, rocky white head resulting in characteristic “Belgian lace” on the glass as it fades. Haze is expected in this type of unfiltered farmhouse beer.  Effervescent.

Flavor: Combination of fruity and spicy flavors supported by a soft malt character, a low alcohol presence and tart sourness.  Extremely high attenuation gives a characteristic dry finish.  The fruitiness is citrusy. Hop flavor is low to moderate, and is generally spicy and earthy in character.  Hop bitterness is moderate.

Mouthfeel: Light to medium body. High carbonation with an effervescent quality. A moderate tart character is present which adds a refreshing character.

Overall Impression: A refreshing, medium fruity/spicy ale with a distinctive yellow-orange color, highly carbonated, well hopped, and dry with a quenching acidity.

Vital Statistics:

Style: Saison
OG: 1.043
FG: 1.005
IBUs: 30
ABV: 5%

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