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Smartphone Controlled Beer Brewing

The problem with home brewing is that you’re not always at home. If you want to make the type of beer that wins home brewing competitions, then you’re going to have to constantly monitor everything while keeping careful watch over your equipment. Which is tough when you’re forced to work a 9-to-5 in order to come up with enough cash, on top of your regular beer money, to buy home brewing ingredients…

There’s an app for that!

Enter a beer fan by the name of Leo Estevez, who has created a programmable smartphone-controlled beer-brewing gadget called Bieree.

Bieree is a mobile app that records and logs the temperature of bubbling liquids throughout the entire beer brewing process, with the kit’s thermocouple. The app’s program controls Bieree’s pumps according to the temperature and all the data is right there on your phone’s screen, so that you can monitor your beer-making from your office, your local or wherever you happen to find yourself.

Bieree has a Kickstarter that’s just $2000 and a week away from its goal. So get behind them and support if you’d like to see this technology become available to you.


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