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Is My Beer In The Wrong Glass?

Which beer glass?

Dear Dave, I am writing to you about something that happened on the weekend, something that affected me greatly on the night and has been bothering me ever since… I recently hosted a dinner party at my home… Read More

Tips On Cooking With Beer?

Questions about beer

Dear Dave, I got some YuppieChef vouchers for Christmas and have been cooking up a storm ever since. Now I think I’m finally at the stage where I can start marrying my passions, and want to start doing… Read More

Is It Fine To Drink Beer After Sport?

Even Arjen Robben drinks beer after sport

Dear Dave, After our weekly kickabout all I want to do is crack open a thirst-quenching beer. Well, there’s this guy, you probably know a dude just like him, and I’ll call him Ed because that’s his name,… Read More

How do I prove that my beer glass is dirty?

Is your beer glass dirty?

Dear Dave, My local is under new management and standards have started to slip. The other day I got served a pint in a dirty glass. A dirty glass! Come on man, surely not? However, the new owner… Read More

How do I know I’ve been given good head?

Get good beer head

Dear Dave, I got into a bit of a scrap with a bartender the other day. To make a long story short, I called bullshit on him for short-pouring me and things escalated pretty damn fast. He reckoned… Read More

How do I choose which type of beer to drink?

What beer should you actually be drinking? Take the quiz and find out.

Mr David, For my entire life I’ve known exactly what I was going to drink when the moment called for it. The beers in the green bottles were the classy ones and the brown bottled beers were best… Read More

Which Beer Should Successful Men Drink?

Which beer should successful men drink?

Dear Dave, I’m 35, married, own my own house, drive a luxury German sedan, am thinking about having kids in the next year or so and was recently promoted to top of my division at work. I’m looking… Read More

Are Beers And Braais Bad?

Beers and braais - are they bad for you?

Dear Dave, I suppose I’m what you’d call your typical South African oke. Problem is, my brother in law recently contracted the Big C (he’s going to be okay, by the way) and now my wife thinks that… Read More

Can runners still drink beer?

Can runners still drink beer?

Dear Dave, I’d been training to run my first half marathon, which went well by the way, and now I’m hooked on running. Which is great and all, but problem is that I can no longer drink like… Read More