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Is My Beer In The Wrong Glass?

Which beer glass?

Dear Dave, I am writing to you about something that happened on the weekend, something that affected me greatly on the night and has been bothering me ever since… I recently hosted a dinner party at my home… Read More

Is It Fine To Drink Beer After Sport?

Even Arjen Robben drinks beer after sport

Dear Dave, After our weekly kickabout all I want to do is crack open a thirst-quenching beer. Well, there’s this guy, you probably know a dude just like him, and I’ll call him Ed because that’s his name,… Read More

How do I keep my beard out my beer?

How to keep your beard out your beer

Dear Dave I have a big bushy beard. It’s magnificent. Been growing it since I sprouted the first wiry hair on my chinny chin chin. In fact, besides a few clean ups with the clippers, I’ve never even… Read More