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Passion for Craft

Devil’s Peak Brewing: Passion for Craft Behind every great company, there is a driving force. We sat down with producer and director Neil Solomon to discuss what moves us at Devil’s Peak. Beautifully shot at our very own Taproom and brewery,… Read More

Craft Beer South Africa

From the first hints of the craft beer industry to the full blown revolution you see in South Africa today, we have come a long way as a beer drinking culture. When Devil’s Peak officially opened its doors back… Read More

Craft Beer Drinker

“I am a craft beer drinker.” The mantra of this independently produced video about the passion of the people who drive this industry. In South Africa, much like our American counterparts, the craft beer revolution is steaming ahead… Read More

Pirates Craft Beer Club Featuring Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

pirates craft beer club

Ahoy, landlubbers, all hands on deck for the Pirates Craft Beer Club’s final beer event for the year. We’re making our way up North in order to share our story, our beer and our love of craft. This… Read More

DPBC Wins Annual Craft Brewers Championships

Kings Blockhouse wins Craft Championships

Our King’s Blockhouse has won the annual Craft Brewers Championships. This from the press-release that the sponsor, SAB, sent out… Cape Town’s Devil’s Peak Brewing Company claimed the leading position in the beer category for its King’s Blockhouse,… Read More

DPBC Features In GQ Magazine

Brewing Legend

Can a ginger with a big bushy beard, wearing gumboots, make it into South Africa’s style bible, GQ magazine? Well, if you pick up GQ Magazine’s August 2014 issue you’ll see that our resident Beardo, and fine-featured brewer,… Read More

Meet A… Brewpub

the taproom

Sitting in the shadow of the peak that’s the devils, in a newly renovated building reminiscent of the Flatiron Building in New York City, is The Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. What was a textile mill, then a bicycle… Read More

International IPA Day


Today is IPA Day. Hooray! But wait, why does IPA get it’s own special day when we don’t toast, say, Stouts, or celebrate a Lager Day? India Pale Ale get so much credit because it’s without a doubt… Read More

How do I choose which type of beer to drink?

What beer should you actually be drinking? Take the quiz and find out.

Mr David, For my entire life I’ve known exactly what I was going to drink when the moment called for it. The beers in the green bottles were the classy ones and the brown bottled beers were best… Read More

Best Beers For Your Food

What is the best beer to go with a steak, chicken, pizza, oysters, even ice cream?