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Craft Stellenbosch

With its thriving student community and historical wine culture, Stellenbosch was long overdue for a dedicated craft beer bar. In April of 2014, “Craft – Wheat & Hops” opened its doors to answer the demands of a discerning… Read More

Food Craft Dining Experience #4

Food Craft #4 dining experience

If you missed out on last year’s Food Craft Dining Experience, then here’s some good news – we’re repeating it this year. Yep, back by popular demand, may we present to you, this: Last year’s Food Craft Dining… Read More

Can I Fight Fat While Drinking Beer?

Of course you can drink beer and fight fat at the same time

Dear Dave, I’ve been trying to lose some weight and while it’s taken a bit of an adjustment it seems to be working. Now I want to keep the weight off, but problem is, my friends are all… Read More