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St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day

Green beer, shamrocks . . . more green beer . . . . St. Patrick’s Day is probably the premier beer holiday. International IPA Day is great, but it pales in comparison to the worldwide, mass consumption that… Read More

The Taproom Hosts Beer Club

Beer Club

The first rule of Beer Club? You don’t talk about Beer Club… You shout! Because if you love beer, and we’re guessing that you do, then you’ll want to share this with your beer bros. Last Friday we… Read More

Drinking At The Taproom Is Better For The Environment

the taproom

Did you know that the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company produces what is arguably the greenest beer in town? Well now you do, and instead of tasting of bare feet, dream-catchers and forest discharge it’s absolutely delicious. Why? Because… Read More

How do I prove that my beer glass is dirty?

Is your beer glass dirty?

Dear Dave, My local is under new management and standards have started to slip. The other day I got served a pint in a dirty glass. A dirty glass! Come on man, surely not? However, the new owner… Read More

International IPA Day


Today is IPA Day. Hooray! But wait, why does IPA get it’s own special day when we don’t toast, say, Stouts, or celebrate a Lager Day? India Pale Ale get so much credit because it’s without a doubt… Read More