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The Beer Briefcase


Just how serious are you about your beer?

F’rinstance, when you go to a house party, do you show up with a six-pack of commercial swill then drink whatever craft you can find in the host’s fridge? Or do you come bearing craft, only to police it like a school library-monitor that’s pushing for prefect?

Well, if you’re the latter then the Beer Briefcase takes care of that.

Kind of…

Not only does it allow you to arrive in style, there are also dual combination locks so that you can leave your beers safe from dudes with no morals and long fingers. Even better is if you handcuff it to your wrist, then you’ll be doubly sure that nobody will be pilfering your preferred tipple. (Handcuffs sold separately).

Also, because they’re safely housed in the metallic case and foam cutout, you run no risk of any breakages or the jingle-jangle of beers rubbing up against one another. Perfect for when you have to leave your house stealth-mode.

What else?

You’ll be pea-cocking like a bad-man, which if you remember from reading The Game, will make all the honey-dips come up to you and ask whether you work in the CIA or FBI and what’s in the case and if they could please get your digits.


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