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The Beer Mile


It was quite a big deal when Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four-minute mile 60-years ago, so kudos to Roger Bannister! But even better is how a Canadian named James Nielson recently completed the first sub-five-minute beer mile.

What’s a beer mile?

Consider this extreme sport the ultimate beer run…

The event marries drinking with running, and being the fittest on the field isn’t necessarily a good thing. First you need a track, or a lot of patience with a tape-measure, in order to measure out a mile (1609 metres). One lap around a track is 400m, so you’re going to need to do four of these to make up a mile. With every lap that completed you down a beer.

Which sounds simple enough, until you consider the rules. states that the beers should be no less than 355 ml each (so that it’s equivalent to the Yank’s imperial 12 oz) and at least five percent alcohol content. If a competitor vomits before finishing the race, an additional lap must be added at the end of the race. Oh, and no tampering with the can or bottle via strawpedos or shotgunning or any other tricks that will make a beer go down faster. The beer is deemed finished when a competitor holds it over his or her head to verify the empty vessel.

Well there’s our weekend plans made.

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