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The Devil’s Peak Homebrewing Champions

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The response to our Homebrewing Competition was incredible, and after we spent our weekend drinking, er, judging the 54 homebrews we were then tasked with choosing our winners.

First, it must be said, that the state of Cape Town craft is of the highest standard. It’s wonderful to see guys brewing their own, and taking such great pride in this artform. In the end there could only be 3 winners, and they are:

3rd Place
Justin Elliot with a robust Coconut Porter

2nd Place
Rob Ambler-Smith with a smoked malt, oak chips soaked in Islay whiskey Robust Porter

And then, drum roll, please…

1st Place
Shawn Duthie and Greg Casey with a 6 month barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout.

Not only do Shawn and Greg take home that shiny trophy and the bragging rights that come with something like this, but they also win the opportunity to spend the day brewing with the Devil’s Peak brewers, where they’ll brew their award winning beer, learn methods and techniques and enjoy The Taproom’s hospitality. Of the 500L batch that they will brew on the Devil’s Peak system, 200 bottles will be theirs to take home, with the remainder being served at the Devil’s Peak Taproom.

Boobie/Bonus prizes went to the following:

Best Beer Name
Three Drunken Nephlim from Timo Tait.

Most Adjuncts Used
Markus Korhonen for his “coriander seed, chilli, lime leaves, ginger, lemongrass & toasted coconut”

Thanks to everyone who helped to make our inaugural Homebrewing Competition such a massive success and contributing to the culture of craft.


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  1. Thanks for hosting an awesome event guys. I was SO impressed with the beers and the turnout and just how far homebrewing has come in SA in the past three years. And also rather proud of the winners of course… :-)

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