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The Old Bridge Tavern

The Old Bridge Tavern

Located next to the historical Lourens River Bridge in Sommerset West, The Old Bridge Tavern is English style pub which has been family owned and operated since 2006.

With tons of beautiful dark wood, sports memorabilia, and a myriad of international flags, it certainly looks the part. Inside you’ll find ample bar space and plenty of seating to watch the game. TVs abound along with a large projector for big matches. The Old Bridge Tavern also offers a spacious, 250 seater beer garden where you can kick your feet up and watch the river go by. We really enjoy the outdoor space, and you can still watch all the action! Oh, and if you’re bringing the kiddos along, there’s also a play area.

The menu is your standard pub food with an emphasis on choice. A whole page of burgers, tons of pizzas and a wide selection of nibbles are available from open until late. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, steaks, smoked meats, schnitzels, and pies abound. And what would a pub be without fish and chips? As a bonus, breakfast is served all day!

The full bar is complemented with a great selection of craft beer including First Light, King’s Blockhouse, Silvertree Saison and Woodhead Amber Ale. The perfect pairing for some live music in the beer garden.

Our Top 3 Food Picks:

Smoked Bacon and Blue Cheese Burger: 200g patty stuffed with bacon bits and topped with fig jam and blue cheese

Oxtail – Rich, succulent oxtail slowly cooked in red wine sauce and served with rice

Beef and Guinness Pie: Tender beef stewed in Guinness, wrapped in puff pastry and baked in the oven

Our Top DPBC Beer and Food Pairing: Smoked Bacon and Blue Cheese Burger with King’s Blockhouse IPA

There are few things that go pair better with a King’s Blockhouse IPA than blue cheese. The hoppy, punch of our world class IPA cuts through the creamy richness of the cheese like no other. Add bacon and you’ve got a recipe for a truly epic tasting experience. Be sure to come hungry – this thing packs a punch!


Website: The Old Bridge Tavern

Address: 1 TPT Park, Corner of Gordon and Main Road, Somerset West

Contact: 021 8512964

Hours: Mon – Sun 9am to 2am

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