South African Craft Beer Pub Guide: Tiger's Milk

Tiger’s Milk

Tiger's Milk

Since its recent opening in 2014, Tiger’s Milk has become the go to spot for a pint in the Muizenberg area. Located at the corner of Beach and Sidmouth Roads, this hip, oceanside restaurant and bar attracts locals and city goers. Surfboards and sups are often seen dotting the tops of cars lined down the street, as there’s no better place for sundowners after a day on the water.

Old motorcycles, hunting trophies, gilded ceilings and old brass fixtures greet patrons as they walk into this spacious yet warm and inviting pub. Though the restaurant is fairly new, everything feels worn in, comfortable and in its place. We find that’s one of the hardest things to achieve in a space like this. The authenticity is palpable.

The food menu, to our delight, was focused and well-priced. Pizza, burgers, fish, chicken, salad and a range of steak cuts mean there’s something for everyone.

Several craft beers are available on tap, including First Light Golden Ale and The King’s Blockhouse IPA. If you’re in the mood for wine, Tiger’s Milk offers daily specials. The bar is also fully stocked with top shelf offerings.

Our Top 3 Food Picks:

Spare ribs – Tender and delicious. A no nonsense favourite.

Rump Steak – Full flavoured, tender, 200g rump.

Pan Fried Line Fish – Fresh, light and local.

Our Top DPBC Beer and Food Pairing: Pan Fried Line Fish with First Light Golden Ale

The delicate flavours of fish need something equally as light for pairing. The soft sweetness and light fruity notes of First Light complement this dish exceptionally well. Grab a 500ml as you watch the sun drop into the water at one of the best restaurant views we’ve seen in Cape Town.


Website: Tiger’s Milk

Address: Corner of Beach and Sidmouth Roads, Muizenberg

Contact: 021 788 1869


Sun to Thurs 1000-2200

Fri to Sat 1000-2300


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