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Tips On Cooking With Beer?

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Dear Dave,
I got some YuppieChef vouchers for Christmas and have been cooking up a storm ever since. Now I think I’m finally at the stage where I can start marrying my passions, and want to start doing more cooking with beer, instead of just drinking it while I cook. Any tips on cooking with beer?
Look forward to your response,

Hey guy,

If you like to drink a good beer then you’ll definitely love cooking with it. Use it as a stand-in for beef stock in braises or to flavour anything from wings to paella. You want to get really crazy? How about adding hops to your desert and serving up a beer float? Yep, in a chilled pint glass just add two scoops of coffee ice cream, pour in a black IPA top with a tablespoon of diced orange peel and shave some dark chocolate over the ice cream. Serve immediately. One of my best purchases was Chris Badenoch’s – him from MasterChef – book, The Entire Beast. Badenoch combines his passion for food and beer and the results are highly original and easy to replicate at home. Just be sure to visit your butcher first because when I said food what I really meant was meat.

bon appétit,

Dave’s a barman. Dave stays sober while you get drunk. Dave is part philosopher, part marriage counselor, part shrink and part priest. Dave serves them all. From guys celebrating the news that they’re going to be a dad, to the dude that just got laid off. You got a problem you ask Dave.

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