How do I choose which type of beer to drink?

How do I choose which type of beer to drink?

What beer should you actually be drinking? Take the quiz and find out.

Mr David,
For my entire life I’ve known exactly what I was going to drink when the moment called for it. The beers in the green bottles were the classy ones and the brown bottled beers were best left for drinking at home.

Now with all the new options out there I’m totally thrown by the question “What will it be?” I mean, is a craft beer always better than one with an ad spot at halftime, and if yes the which craft beer is the right craft beer?

I'm so intimidated by all the new taps at my local. Confused by all these new beer styles. Taking it all in is like trying to sip from a firehose! There are too many beers, man!

Daniel Lin


Whatever you decide to drink sends out an important message about how you wish to be perceived.

No, wait, that’s clothing... Drinking has got nothing to do with anyone but yourself.

Try and drink everything that's available. Be adventurous. Sample those with the TV ads that you like, or the most handsome labels, and then return to the beers that you actually like. To borrow a line from a popular soft drink, Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst.

That said, in the same way that no man should be drinking pop, you shouldn’t think that just because a beer is craft it’s automatically good. There are far too many cowboy brewers who think that a pretty label and the fact that they’re indie makes them automatically superior. This is most definitely not the case. In the same way as you get good mass-produced beer, you get crap craft.

So spend time training your taste buds - you can do this by drinking as widely as possible (always go for the tasting tray!)- then stay true to your taste buds and you'll realise that those brewers who are true to materials will always come up tops.

That's the long answer.

Me, I like to go with the Silvertree Saisson for session drinking and the King's Blockhouse for everything else. Why not buy a mixed case of our beer online and have it delivered to your door? Click here to start your journey.


PS: You can also take our "What beer should I actually be drinking?" quiz to help you decide where to start.

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