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Top 3 Pubs For Sport

Top 3 Pubs For Sport

Watching the big game is good. Watching the big game with friends is better. But watching the big game with friends at a kick-ass pub is undeniably the best.

But what makes a pub the ideal spot for sport? Is it the TVs? Maybe it’s the beer selection. Or perhaps that unmistakable vibe – you just know it when you walk in.

Well you’re in luck, because we know the top 3 pubs for sport in Cape Town, and they’ve got all of the above!

Top 3 Pubs for Sport in Cape Town:

1. Barristers

The first time you walk into Barristers you’ll know – “Now this is pub.” From the dark counters to the staggering number of beers on tap, this traditional establishment is as authentic as they come. With a rich history and close proximity to the stadium, it has become a staple for locals and a tradition for avid sport fans. Big screen TVs, a staggering amount of beer, delicious pub food and that elusive vib – they deliver on all fronts. They can also accommodate for bigger groups, so bring all your friends.

2. Beerhouse

Ah, Beerhouse. It’s all in the name, really. 99 bottles of beer on the wall and a myriad of rotating taps helps make this a prime spot for catching the game. The huge televisions, perfectly placed around the entirety of the establishment, are always showing something. If the match is big enough, they’ll even bust out the projector! Comfortable, ample seating, delicious munchies, and a very enthusiastic staff make for an epic viewing experience. And the vibe? Oh – they’ve got the vibe.

3. Van Hunks

If you’re looking for a bit of game day fever, look no further than Van Hunks. The regulars here are rabid sport fans, and it’s impossible not to get caught up in the hype. Offering a superb selection of craft beer, delicious pizza, burgers and mouthwatering ribs, Van Hunks will have you and your mates gleefully screaming at the massive televisions in no time. Pull in early because this place fills up quick – especially for those international rugby matches!

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