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Vin de Saison 14′ Launch

Vin De Saison

You’ve asked for it, and Devil’s Peak has delivered. The 2014 vintage of Vin de Saison will be available from Friday, April 10th 2015. But wait, there’s more!

As awesome as it is to come and enjoy this gem of a beer in our very own Taproom, we understand our loyal fans would also like to grab a bottle to share with friends.

We’ve got you covered!

For the first time ever, Vin de Saison will be available at select retailers and restaurants. Here’s the list of stockists who will be carrying a limited (!) supply:


The Taproom
Banana Jam Cafe
Craft Stellenbosch


Roeland Liquors
Liquor City Claremont
Vino Pronto
Wine Concepts Newlands
Wine Concepts Kloof
Shorty’s Blue Bottle Noordhoek

Want to know more about this year’s vintage? I sat down with head brewer JC Steyn for a chat on what fans can expect.

Mitch: “JC, tell me a bit about the initial batch.”

JC: “In 2013, the Vin de Saison was our first attempt at a wine-beer hybrid. The grapes, harvested from one of Mullineux’s award winning vineyards, showed great potential. As always, they displayed an alluring character that would combine perfectly with the typical Saison. 2013 was harvested at a lower sugar (balling of around 22 or Specific gravity of about 1.092). For our first attempt, we aged it for 5 months in old white wine barrels.”

Mitch: “Balling? Like… Making it rain? Or more like Michael Jordan?”

(crowd moans)

JC: “Balling is a density scale used to measure sugar. It’s like specific gravity, but wine makers often use balling.”

Mitch: “So you used to do quite a bit of balling then?”


Mitch: “Okay I’m done. Let’s move on to this year’s Vin de Saison batch”

JC: “With the 2014, as one could expect, the vintage variation played a huge role. The year started off a bit warmer than 2013. This lead to the grapes ripening at a more rapid pace than usual, which resulted in a higher sugar content (approximately at 25 balling or 1.105 specific gravity). This will undoubtedly add to the richer and riper expression from the Chenin (sourced from Schist Vineyard) as opposed to the fresh and fruity traits of 2013. We also aged the 2014 for just over 7 months in barrel. This also aided in the development of additional acidity that lends a delicious, thirst quenching freshness to the beer along with fantastic complexity.

Remember folks, the Vin de Saison is produced in limited quantities, so be sure to grab some at launch from The Taproom and select retailers on Friday, April 10th!

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