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Our Ingredients

Devil's Peak Ingredients




At Devil’s Peak we only make use of the finest ingredients to make our beers. That means we use no cheap alternatives. Traditionally, we use a variety of exceptional malts sourced locally (base malts) as well as a number of speciality imported malts from Germany. Predominantly these are made up of malted barley along with small amounts of malted wheat and rye to add complexity.

Our hops, which are harvested annually, come from all corners of the globe. We do make use of some locally farmed (George origin) hops, but the bulk of our hops is sourced from Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand and Germany.

Our water source is the delicious Cape water. We treat this water with various salts to suit the style of beer we plan on making.

On the yeast side, we predominantly use three styles of imported yeast: American yeast for our American beers, Belgian yeast for our Belgian beers, and English yeast for our English ales.

We do not make use of any adjuncts or preservatives. All natural, beautiful beer!