What, You Didn't Know These 12 Things About Beer?

What, You Didn’t Know These 12 Things About Beer?

12 things about beer

What, You Didn’t Know These 12 Things About Beer? Time to upgrade your beer knowledge, pal.

1. A person who collects beer bottles or labels is known as a Labeorphile.

2. Beer was the first beverage ever canned.

3. Cans offer more advertising space and lighter shipping weight.

4. Beer has been integral to weddings for years. The term bridal derives from “bride ale” a ceremonious feast of merry-making with ale in the middle ages.

5. The Belgium Post Office issued a series of stamps honouring the nation’s authentic Trappist breweries.

6. This is not the first time the Belgium Post Office has issued a beer themed stamp. Prior to this series there was a stamp with a Trappist ale and and another dedicated to the Geuze style of beer.

7. Yes, people are still using stamps.

8. In England, condemned prisoners were given a cup of ale on their way to their execution.

9. Martin Luther King drank strong beer in order to preserve his strength while fasting.

10. British Army units who were supplied with rations of beer reported fewer deaths.

11. If ever you don’t know what beer you should actually be drinking you can take this quiz to guide you.

12. The record for most beer mugs carried is 27 full 1-litre jugs (You can watch the video, here.)

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