Which beer should successful men drink?

Which Beer Should Successful Men Drink?

Which beer should successful men drink?

Dear Dave,
I’m 35, married, own my own house, drive a luxury German sedan, am thinking about having kids in the next year or so and was recently promoted to top of my division at work. I’m looking for a beer that will follow me through the next stage of my life. Something that tells people that I've arrived, and is befitting of a man of my stature. Which beer should succesful men drink? What do you suggest?
William Fauntleroy


You might have decided to stick to one woman for the rest of your life and, sure, the view is great from the top of the corporate ladder, but when it comes to beer you should behave like a good-looking teenage bisexual with no standards. I’m all over the place when it comes to my drinking. Not like that, I keep it together, but what I mean is that my favourites come and go. Back in the day I was all about sessionable lagers, whereas today I’m far more experimental and have been favouring hoppier beers with higher alchol content. But then drinking has as much to do with mood as it does the season. With it being winter now I’m really into my darker stouts, but that doesn't mean I'd have one for breakfast. If it’s before noon I’d much rather drink a Weiss beer than a Pilsner, which is the beer I opt for after my weekly footy kickabout. There are a whole lot of factors involved. Am I drinking with a meal or around a fire with friends? What part of the country am I in? Are we celebrating? If I gave you all the answers now it would take the fun out of you discovering these things out for yourself. There’s a big beery world out there, pal. Explore. Enjoy. However, if you're looking to impress those around you, instead of impressing your taste buds, then just do what every other poser does and order the most expensive single-malt on offer. And don't forget to leave a sizeable tip.


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